Making Sense of Retail Payments


There is a new technology sweeping through the retail payments landscape that promises to revolutionize the way that consumers pay for goods and services. In the United Kingdom, the geographic region that is the furthest into their adoption process, this technology has been described as the biggest change in payments since decimalization, but is EMV, or chip and PIN as it is also known, really the silver bullet that Visa, MasterCard, JCB Co and American Express would have us believe? Retailers aren’t convinced it is. read more

Posted On November 1st 2009, by Richard Cuttler

Leverage PCI to Creatively Transform Your Organization


It is impossible to keep your organization 100% secure. Perhaps one day, there will be no incentive for hackers to want to penetrate retail systems. However, until the day comes when the financial institutions assume this respon­sibility, we must rely on ourselves to protect both our customers and our more

Posted On January 22nd 2009, by Dave Mahr

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Point of Sale System


One of the most critical and possibly frightening purchases a retailer will ever have to make is a point of sale system. It is a critical purchase because it will force the retailer to reexamine their business policies, procedures and plans for the future. It is a frightening purchase because few retailers have experience in selecting a point of sale system and with such a large investment required they will have to live with their decision, be it good or bad, for quite some time. This document lists the essential items that retailers should consider in their POS buying more

Posted On January 9th 2009, by Richard Cuttler