EscapeESCAPE™ is a growing family of software programs and features for store managers, loss prevention and sales audit personnel to help them do their jobs faster and better.

ESCAPE™ Version 3 is a companion application to the IBM Electronic Journal (5697-G45). It provides sophisticated searching and reporting tools to turn electronic journal data into useful information. ESCAPE™ saves time, money and energy for its users, … not just rolls of paper.

ESCAPE™ comes in two parts. The piece on the 4690 is responsible for orchestrating the electronic journal creation and capture, as well as, providing powerful search, review and exporting functionality on the 4690 controller. The Windows piece provides powerful search, review, import and export functionality in the common Windows user interface.

  • Hard Dollar Savings:
    • Saves journal roll storage space at the store and headquarters.
    • Saves shipping costs to move journals from the store to headquarters.
  • Productivity Savings:
    • NO physical handling of journal rolls.
    • Journal searches performed at computer speeds.
    • Complex searches can be created, saved and reused for greater productivity.
    • Multiple ways to find the same information, no constraints set on the user to do it the “right” way.
  • Qualitative Improvements:
    • Searches for suspicious transactions can be consistently applied to a large number of journals.
    • Improves cash control and shrink reduction by removing people involved in fraudulent activities.
    • Increases the loss prevention arsenal with tools and speed not previously available to the staff.

ESCAPE™ Features:
  • Fill-in the blanks search parameter screens.
  • Complex and/or logical operators for searches.
  • String searches for any data on the journal tape.
  • Combinations of ranges and data for searches.
  • Concurrent background searches on IBM 4690 OS.
  • Journal transaction indexing for search support.
  • Journal EXPORT capability from IBM 4690 OS.
  • ESCTRANS utility for packaging and moving journals from the store to headquarters.
  • Multiple platform support (IBM 4690, Windows 9x, & NT).