ExceptionEXCEPTion™ uses the operator productivity and performance data contained in an IBM POS system as input. EXCEPTion™ collects data daily and runs a weekly report on the 4690 store controller. EXCEPTion™ creates an E-Report that is exported from the store controller. The E-Report is placed beneath an electronic grid that changes cell colors based on the contents of the individual cell. EXCEPTion™ on the Windows platform can connect directly into ESCAPE™ V3 to run searches against electronic journal files.

"E-Report" runs as a background task on the store controller. The program analyzes one week's worth of data at a time. The output is a report by operator showing their productivity and performance factors. The report is divided by departments.

"E-Display" is a Windows based tool. A smart grid overlays the E-Report from the store controller. Each cell on the grid can perform arithmetic logic on the contents of the cell. Each cell can be color coded to call attention to the productivity factors that are outside the expected range.

How does EXCEPTion™ work?
  • Each IBM point of sale application collects information about individual sales transactions. As a by-product of the process, the background sales processor also has productivity and performance factors that it measures and records. Other information is in the T-log (transaction log) waiting to be processed.
  • The "E-Report" program runs on a weekly basis. It uses the stored producivity and performance factors from the point of sale system wherever possible. The output is a report that can be printed or saved to a disk file. The report is valuable in either format.
  • The "E-Report" output file is retrieved to a Windows system. The disk file is used as input to the "E-Display" program. This program reads information in the report file and formats the report behind the grid. The nature of the report is such that each operator has one line of information with the individual factors separated into cells. The cell logic will allow each cell to decide what color it needs to be to call attention to its contents.
  • The information in the grid is sufficient to set up an ESCAPE™ search operation. If the electronic journals are available for the same time period represented by the report, then searches can be done to look at the raw data that is behind the report. EDJ's ESCAPE™ application can form the third leg of this powerful exception report solution.

What does EXCEPTion™ cost?
  • EXCEPTion™ is licensed by the store. There is a minimum order size. Discounts are available for larger installations. The EXCEPTion™ solution is available from STJ Retail. Call for a specific quote.