RingMasterRingMaster™-RMO Wireless Version is a remote manager override application that executes in a handheld Windows computer such as the Telxon 1134, the IBM 4612 or the Symbol Tech 4640. The handheld computer communicates with the 4690 store controller running the IBM 46x0 Supermarket or General Sales Application via a wireless LAN. The program lets the front end manager easily and quickly respond to cashier requests for the "manager's key" or an override authorization number without making the trip to the cash register.

The RingMaster™ programs are designed to reduce travel time by allowing store managers to look at the conditions that triggered the override request on the cash register no matter where they are. The manager's key is "turned" electronically and the authorization code is sent to the register.

What are the RingMaster™ benefits?
  • Customers can be checked out quicker and the store managers freed to do other tasks without losing the ability to closely monitor and control override conditions. The manager is released from the tedious task of running from register to register with a manager's key while customers are waiting.

Who needs RingMaster™ - RMO?
  • The retailer who needs to balance an ever decreasing workforce with increasing demands for customer service.
  • RingMaster™ - RMO lets store managers or front end supervisors perform more tasks by reducing the amount of time they spend running from cash register to cash register, without compromising front-end security.
  • Override conditions are displayed on the handheld computer exactly as they appear on the cash register, along with the operator number, and requesting terminal number. The store manager can choose to accept or reject the override request from where they are, or walk over to the register to perform the override in person.

RingMaster™ - RMO's components:
  • Override Condition Request
  • Override Condition Display
  • Manager Response
  • The request is made at the register. The condition display and response are done on the handheld computer. Other applications, such as terminal monitor, can also be done on the handheld computer.

How does It work?
  • Override Condition Request - When a condition occurs that requires a manager key or override sequence, the cashier has the option of clearing the condition, paging the manager, or now pressing the Mgr-Call key on the keyboard to electronically alert the manager.
  • Override Condition Display - Once the manager is called, the handheld computer beeps and pops up an alert message. The manager can then display the data from the requesting terminal. Journal data, register display data, and the requesting cashier number for the current transaction are shown so the manager can decide how to best respond to the request. When multiple requests are received from several registers, they are displayed in the order they were received.
  • Manager Response - Once a decision is made to accept or deny the request, the store manager can enter an override number, turn the manager's key, and send the response to the register. The entire process is completed in seconds.

What does it take to use RingMaster™-RMO Wireless Version?
  • Current version of the IBM 46x0 Operating System.
  • Current version of the IBM GSA or Supermarket POS Application.
  • Processor platform that supports wireless LAN connections in the store controller.
  • Handheld computer using Windows for Pen with LAN support.