TimeGuardSTJ’s TimeGuard™ Application is an application which runs in an IBM 4690 store controller and periodically sets the time and date to a master time and date setting. TimeGuard™ works on IBM 4680/4690 store controllers with a modem or a TCP/IP connection. The objective of the program is to provide consistent time and date across a chain.

The EDJ TimeGuard™ Application can work in 2 modes: TCP/IP sockets or Modem Dial.

Why is TimeGuard needed?
  • As electronic funds, electronic benefits, and credit transactions become a larger percentage of total transactions in a store, an accurate date and time stamp becomes very important.

What are the benefits?
  • The major benefit of the TimeGuard™ Application is the ability to always have the correct synchronized time kept across your chain.
  • You will never again have to remember to reset your 4690 controller for Daylight Savings Time. This will be done automatically by TimeGuard™.

TCP/IP Sockets
  • Using TCP/IP Sockets, at a configured interval, the TimeGuard™ client application will connect to a remote Windows server running the TimeGuard™ server application. The time and date on the Windows server will be transmitted and applied to the 4690. The application can be configured to transmit the time and date on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Using additional “off the shelf” software the Windows Server can also be configured to connect to the Atomic Clock at the United States Naval Observatory’s lab to keep the correct time on the Windows Server.
Dial Mode
  • In dial mode, at a configured interval, the TimeGuard™ application will dial the United States Naval Observatory's Atomic Clock to obtain the correct time. The application will then set the date and time on the 4690 controller to the correct time and date.