TimeTamerTimeTamer™ lets your company get control and "tame" store labor hours. TimeTamer™ installs in your store easily and smoothly. It lets your point of sale registers be used for clocking in and out. It uses your current transmission method to move your time card data to headquarters. The data can be formatted to ie into your payroll system. TimeTamer™ tracks, calculates, and records employee hours. With TimeTamer™ you are in control.

TimeTamer™ provides a labor scheduling feature to eliminate unauthorized overtime and prevent early and late clock ins without the manager's knowledge. The store labor variance report shows the actual hours recorded against the budgeted hours.

TimeTamer™ provides an audit trail feature so that all of the changes made to the time card files by a manager can be identified. A record of the time card data fields before and after a change is saved in an audit log.

TimeTamer™ Functions:
  • Clock in and clock out at both the POS register and the store controller.
  • Display and edit time cards.
  • Enter miscellaneous employee hours.
  • Enter and edit employee work schedules for the current week and next week.
  • Prepare store manager reports.
  • Print employee time cards.

TimeTamer™ Features:
  • Support for 9 digit ID numbers.
  • Support for current and previous week time card files.
  • Miscellaneous employee hours.
  • Validate clock in and clock out against the employees work schedule.
  • Separate security for clocking in and out.

TimeTamer™ Reports:
  • Exception report of open shifts.
  • Store time card summary report.
  • Labor variance report projecting labor hours used against the store budget to the end of the current week.
  • Audit log of time card changes for retrieval to headquarters.