Custom Development

Our custom development services provide full support at every project stage from concept, to design, to architecture and if required support, maintenance and enhancement. STJ has a defined methodology that enables us to take an idea (via a workshop session), and then write specifications. At this stage we can scope and price the effort, or you can shop the effort around.

We provide custom application development to fulfill our client's requirements by continuously improving their information technology-based business solutions. Be it custom application development, or application migration we deal with all the software application development and consultancy activities. For this, STJ uses appropriate software development platforms, software application development tools and employs the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

STJ also allows customers to contract resources for projects that don't require full time support. Our environment is structured to allow our experts to work on multiple client engagements during a given time period. This unique solution allows clients to leverage the knowledge of an entire staff while only being billed for productive hours.

Additionally, STJ has an ecosystem of development and support resources by which we can engage quality candidates at cost effective rates.