StoreGazerSTJ’s StoreGazer Application is a system management tool, which runs in an IBM 4690 store controller. StoreGazer works with any IBM 4680/4690 Sales Application. The objective of the program is to provide a method for the store or the retailer’s help desk to proactively respond to events and conditions generated by any IBM 4690 application.

  • The major benefit of StoreGazer is the ability of the store controller to respond to store level events before human intervention is possible.
  • Another major benefit is the ability of the help desk to monitor events in a store and take action in response to those events.

How Does StoreGazer Work?
  • The StoreGazer Application monitors every 4690 event. When an event occurs, StoreGazer scans its list of events for any action to be taken. If the event requires an action, StoreGazer will proactively perform that action without waiting for a manual response. Actions can include the following:
    • Log Message
    • Cancel Message
    • Run Program
    • Stop Program
    • Set Priority
    • Load Terminal
    • Signoff Terminal
    • Load Controller
    • FTP File
    • Delete File
    • Email Message
    • RCP Remote Execution
  • A daily file is created which lists the store controller model, the 4690 OS level, the sales application, the sales application release levels, and information about disk, memory, and CPU utilization for the store. Each day (or upon request), the 4690 will send this data to the StoreGazer Server to be added to the database.
  • At headquarters, StoreGazer for Windows can request the store controller to generate a heartbeat. When the heartbeat function is active, the store will send real-time CPU, disk, and memory utilization at the desired heartbeat interval.

Give Your Help Desk Help!
  • The chain store’s help desk does not have time to respond to every event that needs to be monitored in a store. The store does not have time to wait for the help desk to respond to events critical to the store. These responses can be repetitive. EDJ’s StoreGazer can provide timely responses to critical events before human intervention is even possible.
  • Retail management often needs to know what hardware and software are running in each store, and how much longer it will be able to function in its present environment. The Chain View function of StoreGazer allows the retailer to view exactly what hardware and software is installed in every store. The impact of problems related to a specific level of the OS or POS Application can easily be identified. Utilization of disk, memory, or CPU resources can be tracked to help avoid future problems.